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XI. International Scientific Conference on Subject Pedagogy

Programme (in English)

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XI. International Scientific Conference on Subject Pedagogy

Eötvös József College and Bács-Kiskun County Section of Hungarian Pedagogical Association in Baja will organise the XI. International Scientific Conference on Subject Pedagogy on 10-11 April 2024, the main patron of which is Dr. Veronika Varga-Bajusz, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Higher Education. 

The conference looks back on a fifty-year history and is organised every five years, providing a professional forum primarily for teachers involved in primary teacher training, theorists and practitioners, researchers, master teachers and mentors, as well as for teachers of economic science subjects in higher education to share their professional experiences, good practices, and research. The conference covers topics belonging to different fields of educational science and teacher training, and for the first time the teaching of economic sciences as well.

At our conference we provide an opportunity for scholars from Hungary and abroad to present their scientific results in the field of education. The conference will be held with personal attendance.

The Secretary of State responsible for public education, Dr. Zoltán Maruzsa, will deliver a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Following the plenaries, in the thematically organised sessions, 15-minute lectures will be held, followed by a 5-minute debate. 

The language of the presentations will be in Hungarian, German, English, Croatian and Serbian. The written versions of the presentations will be published in the issues of EJF journal Danubius Noster.

Conference registration fee: 12. 500 HUF

Presentations/ poster presentations or workshops, participation at accompanying events, the proofreading of essays and their publication, catering (buffet) are included in the registration fee. The registration fee does not cover accommodation costs. You can find information about accommodation close to the conference venue here.

On the first day of the conference, 10th April 2024, a dinner will be organized (5000 HUF) the cost of which is not included in the registration fee.

Registration fee and the cost of dinner should be transferred till 3rd April 2024. to the following account: Eötvös József Főiskola10025004-01427439-00000000. (IBAN: HU67 10025004-01427439-00000000, SWIFT or BIC code: HUSTHUHB) If the attendant is willing to pay both the fee and the cost of the dinner 17.500 HUF should be transferred. Please, state your name in the announcement of the transfer. Attendants will receive their invoice on the day of the conference. Invoice data should be specified in the online registration form.

In the case of multiple authors, authors who will attend the conference should register separately, uploading the same abstract.

Co-authors who only wish to submit their names but are not attending the conference do not need to register.

Non-presenting participants of the conference are invited to register for free by clicking on the Registration link!

The conference website is, contact administrator is Adrienn Kocsis (e-mail:, phone: 00 36 20 283 4552).


  • Payment of registration fee: 3 April 2024.
  • Upload of written versions of presentations in Hungarian: 3 May 2024
  • Upload of written versions of presentations in foreign languages: 31 May 2024
  • Free registration of non-presenting participants: 3 April 2024

Parking facilities

We provide parking spaces during the event in a limited number.  Access from Kolozsvár utca. 
Other suggested locations in the surrounding streets: Kolozsvár utca, Kassa utca, Szabadka utca, Bácska tér, etc. There is no parking fee. 

Parkolás -TGYP konferencia

Chair of the Conference Organising Committee:

Bakonyiné dr. Kovács Bea
Vice-Rector General
Chair of the Scientific Committee of the EJC

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