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Frequently Asked Questions

Has the College got it's own dormitory that can provide room for international students?
Yes, we provide room for our incoming student in the dormitory. Please find more information:

What scholarship programs are available at this college?
The most popular scholarship program is Erasmus +, but you could also apply for a scholarship withing the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme. More information is under the Scholarships menu. 

Can I take part in Hungarian lessons? I would like to learn some basic in hungarian.
If you want to participate in Hungarian language classes, you could add it as an optional subject. The materials related to the subject is provided by the teacher(s). To successfully complete the subject, you must pass an exam during the semester. 

What kind of courses does the College offer for incoming students?
 If you speak English at least in intermediate level, we could recommend Business Administration and Management for you. If you are not confident about your English language skills, you could choose our fee-paying English Preparatory course (This course is avaliable for half or one year). You also have the opportunity to follow lessons in Croatian in Pedagogy field. You could get more information from EJC's International Relations Office ( 

How can I apply?
Find more information about the admission procedure in the following page:

What kind of requirements I have to comply?

  • Application form
  • High school diploma
  • Transcipts of Records
  • B2 English language certification 
  • CV and motivation letter

Within the frame of Stipendium Hungaricum Programme, you have to take part in a skype interview and upload the required document into Dreamapply. Find more information in 
You can only study under the Erasmus programme if your home University has an Erasmus agreement with us. For more information, contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home University. 

Who can help me to complete my admission?

  • We are happy to help you in everything, so if you have any question, feel free to write us ( 
  • In case of Stipendium programme, you could find more information and contacts in 
  • In case of Erasmus+ programme, don't forget to contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home University. 

I would like to do some sport during the semester. What are my options for this?
Students can choose from many different sports activities. The College has its own Dragon Boat Team and Handball Team. In addition, the Student Council organises the College Footie Championship each semester. The College has won funding under the “Sport in Higher Education” programme, with the result that our students can take part in the following organised sport activities free of charge:

  • yoga,
  • volleyball,
  • football,
  • running,
  • floor ball,
  • dragon boating,
  • hiking,
  • bicycle tours

Eötvös József College offer sportcard to it’s students and staff to support healthy life. Card holders can participate in several sports events for free, organized by the school in every week. These sport events are dance, yoga, aerobics, basketball, badminton and volleyball. Above this the swimming pool is free for students two times a week. This card has got a fee, which is 2000 HUF and the card is valid for half a year.

How can I apply for Student Card? What is the benefit of this card?
The student card (in Hungarian: diákigazolvány) is a document which proves that you are officially a student at EJC. With this document, you can get student discounts. For example, if you want to travel, you can buy the bus or train ticket at half price with this card.

To get a new student card, you must have an official photo taken and give your official signature at „Központi Okmányiroda”. The officer will give you a NEK  datasheet. With this NEK identification number you can start the request of the student card on your Neptun site. We will assist you during the administration.

Which events and programs I can take part in?
There is a wide range of cultural programmes and sports activities organised for the students of Eötvös József Főiskola: Freshers’ Week, Freshers' Ball, Halloween Pentathlon, Student's day and many other. As part of the curriculum, students can participate in drama and/or singing and music classes. The College has its own choir.

How can I get my residence permit card?
The College provides assistance to the students in the preparation of papers and take part personally in the office in the administrative process. Find more information: