Szakértelem, gyakorlat és életre szóló kapcsolatok 1870 óta.


This is why you should choose EJC?


  • EJC has had a long tradition of training since 1870.
  • A college with a friendly atmosphere in the heart of the city of Baja.

Student-centered Education

  • The homely teacher-student relationship, talent management.
  • State-funded and self-financing training.
  • We launch both full-time and correspondence training.
  • We offer courses both in the field of economics and pedagogy from basic to specialized further education.

Command of language

  • Language learning and examination options
  • High-level language teaching in small groups

Practice-oriented training

  • Up-to-date materials, high-quality training.


  • Excellent foreign relations
  • Multi-colored student life
  • Cultural and sports opportunities


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28 / 4 / 2022.