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Business and Management (BA)

Eötvös József College is pleased to offer a BA course in the Business and Management field. The College’s
Business Sciences Institution was established at the beginning of the 2000 year to provide professional
development training for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. The Institution offers Entrepreneurship
and Logistics specializations. The College maintains strong links with the business authorities and
associations (National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry, National Tax and Customs Administration), national and international Enterprises.
Business and Management (BA) course - The aim of the course is to set the future possibilities of
understanding and acquainting each other’s business environments. In nowadays, the process of
globalization enforced the business actors to recognize and adapt to the local and regional cultural
differences (especially in the business field). Small and Medium Size Enterprises create the
fundamentals of the national economy in the EU and USA, too. Our Institute of Business Economics is
turned to SMS Enterprises with the aim to promote local and regional economic development. The
course is built to be helpful in the increasing economical status of the countries, one of the most
important pillars of this kind of education is the strong relation with actors of governmental and
enterprises sphere. The course should be a useful tool to provide the next generations with
the opportunity to start and run a business in the international environment by student mobility
to facilitate the experience change and on-the-job learning possibilities.
This course provides students with the understanding of theoretical and applied economics, the
familiarity with social theory, and the knowledge and methodological skills relating to a specialization
which they need to become business professionals who are able to design, analyze and organize the
processes of business organizations and public-sector institutions. It also gives students the knowledge
that they need should they want to continue their studies at the Master's level.


Graduates with this degree are familiar with:

  • the fundamental concepts of business, its main sequences, and the main factors which influence it;
  • guidelines for the management of resources, production factors, and tools and methods used in
  • design, planning, analysis, evaluation, and implementation;
  • the principles and methods of governance, organization, and operation of business processes;
  • the principles and methods of foundation and creation of organizational structures and behaviors,
  • and change management in businesses and institutions.
  • Graduation with this degree also means compliance with the prerequisites to participate in Masters
  • courses relating to business and management.

Students taking Specialization in Logistics learn

  • logistical support to production processes;
  • the requirements for logistics systems;
  • logistical technologies (storage and warehousing systems, warehouse work processes, packaging techniques);
  • transport;
  • ERP systems to support logistics processes;
  • customs law.

Students taking Specialization in Entrepreneurship learn about:

  • the financial and management
  • characteristics of small- and medium-sized
  • enterprises;
  • management design features;
  • the financial operation of companies;
  • different methods for the evaluation of
  • companies;
  • quality management;
  • international marketing.


  • A wide range of training opportunities;

  • full-time course and correspondence courses;

  • active cooperation with the labor market;

  • practice-oriented teaching;

  • language learning facilities.



Economic Science

Semesters: 7
Academic credits altogether: 180
Professional experience credits: 30
Credits altogether: 210

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