Szakértelem, gyakorlat és életre szóló kapcsolatok 1870 óta.

About us


Eötvös József Főiskola is the town’s Higher Education establishment and it plays a crucial role in the cultural, educational, and scientific life of Baja. 
The college currently offers courses in two academic fields: Economics and Business Studies, and Education.



Reviews from our students

Here you will find some videos made by the students about their opinion on how was the time they spent in Baja.

Milena studied as an Erasmus student for half a year at the College. Her major is Education.

Zaid and Ragheb attended the course of Business and Management in the academic year 2018/19.

Certificate of disability: applicants who are not Hungarian citizens can prove their disability with a certified translation in Hungarian of an expert opinion issued abroad. The certificate should be submitted to the Registrars Department. The coordinator of the college in this regard is dr. Mária Patocskai, associate professor ( ), who provides the applicants  with individual help. We also support students with health impairments or chronic illnesses.

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