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International relation office

The International Relations Office of EJC coordinates the international mobility programs for study and internship and provides information on study opportunities and internships under agreements with foreign universities. The objective of the International Relations Office is to develop and coordinate the international relations and activities of the College. This involves providing support and feedback to the management on international issues and developing international agreements.

In addition, International Relations Office provides assistance to incoming students. The office also takes on a significant role in running the mentor program, which is the main supporter and helper of the incoming students. You can find more information about this mentor program under the prospective students.


Office Team:

Coordinator: Andor Pajrok


Officer: Zoltán Csapógya


Location: Building A Room 91


Office hours:

Monday 10:00-12:00

Tuesday 8:00-14:00

Wednesday 8:00-10:00

Thursday 8:00-14:00

Friday 11:00-13:00

and by arrangement

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12 / 9 / 2023.