Szakértelem, gyakorlat és életre szóló kapcsolatok 1870 óta.


The newly renovated Beszédes József Halls of Residence is situated in the most panoramic surroundings in Baja. The Halls can offer accommodation for 240 students. There are three types of accommodation to choose from:

  • Room with 2 beds, en-suite bathroom, and kitchenette
  • Apartment with a bathroom and two 2-bed rooms
  • Room with 3 beds, en-suite bathroom, (access to the communal kitchen)
room inside

Most rooms have a balcony that enjoys a view of the Sugovica River. There is internet access in all rooms. There are rooms available for residents with disabilities. The entire building is accessible to residents with disabilities. There is a separate space for gym activities.



Beszédes József  Halls of Residence