Szakértelem, gyakorlat és életre szóló kapcsolatok 1870 óta.

Sport facilities and sport card

Sport facilities

Students can choose from many different sports activities. The College has its own Dragon Boat Team and Handball Team. In addition, the Student Council organizes the College Footie Championship each semester. The College has won funding under the “Sport in Higher Education” program, with the result that our students can take part in the following organized sport activities free of charge:

yoga, volleyball, football, running, floorball, dragon boating, hiking, bicycle tours

canoe trip

EJC Sportcard

Eötvös József College offers sportscard to its students and staff to support healthy living. Cardholders can participate in several sports events for free, organized by the school every week. These sport events are dance, yoga, aerobics, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. Above this, the swimming pool is free for students two times a week.

This card has got a fee, which is 2000 HUF and the card is valid for half a year.