Szakértelem, gyakorlat és életre szóló kapcsolatok 1870 óta.

Student life

There is a wide range of cultural programs and sports activities organized for the students of Eötvös József Főiskola.

Student programs

Freshers’ Week:

For all first-year students, a week of activities is organized in Baja and Magyaregregy before the academic year begins. A whole week of fun and games, where students can get to know each other and learn about College life.


Freshers’ Ball: 

A formal evening ball is organized for first-year students in the main Hall of the Engineering and Economics Faculty. All students take the ‘Fresher’s Oath’ which is then followed by music and dancing.

Freshers' Ball

Halloween Pentathlon:

Near the end of November, teams of students and lecturers compete against each other in five different sports: table tennis, table football, floorball, volleyball, and football. The college organizes this nightly sport event each year, which is becoming more and more popular every year.


Student Day:

A day which students and their lecturers spend together without any formal learning. During the day, community programs, games, and sports activities are organized, followed by music and concerts in the evening.

Sports activities

Students can choose from many different sports activities.

tour in the forest

Cultural programmes

As part of the curriculum, students can participate in drama and/or singing and music classes. The College has its own choir.