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Student card

What is the student card and why is this card good for you?

The student card (in Hungarian: diákigazolvány) is a document that proves that you are officially a student at EJC. With this document, you can get student discounts. For example, if you want to travel, you can buy a bus or train ticket at half price with this card.

How to obtain a new student card?

To get a new student card, you must have an official photo taken and give your official signature at „Központi Okmányiroda”. Don't forget to take your residence permit and passport with you. The officer will give you a NEK (Nemzeti Egységes Kártyarendszer) datasheet. This form has a 16-character identification number in the upper right corner. Please bring the NEK datasheet to the Student Office. You can start the request for the student card on your Neptun site.